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  • Dr. Lombardy is an excellent, knowledgeable orthopedic doctor who has helped me a lot with my Herniated discs and Arthritis in my spine. I highly recommend Dr Lombardy.

    ~ Virgilio C

  • Dr. Lombardi is an outstanding physician.

    On my first visit I was joined by my wife so that we would both have a full understanding of my condition and what my options were. We both felt that Dr. Lombardi inspires confidence with ...

    ~ Zach E

  • Glad I went to the best. Thanks Dr. Lombardi
    Always timely, always clear and easy to understand. Explains things in a way I can comprehend and doesn't hold back.

    ~ Wayne T

  • I was diagnosed excellently and given the best treatment. All of my options were clear and precise.

    ~ Damon S

  • I was referred to Dr. Lombardi by my PCP after many failed attempts to help alleviate my lower back pain from a herniated disc. He patiently listened to me as i explained my history with the pain and my frustration of not seeing any results from...

    ~ Marta

  • I was given some 13 page article to read about the surgery way ahead of the scheduled date. I found the article very helpful.It went a long way to prepare me on what to expect and what to do that helped in my recovery. I was physically, emotiona...

    ~ Mildred

  • Listening to me, telling him about my pain and taking his time to explain things out it made feel good.

    ~ Anonymous

  • Today was my first appointment with Dr. Lombardi after surgery. As soon as he entered the room, I called him "My Hero!" It was so fitting as today is actually, 'National Superhero Day!' Prior to surgery, I was not a happy camper at pain...

    ~ B Pizarro

  • Dr. Lombardi inspires confidence. He patiently described my condition in detail, carefully listened to my concerns, and answered all my questions. Most importantly, he presented all my options, including possible solutions other than surgery, ne...

    ~ Gerald E

  • Dr Lombardi reviewed all my tests with me. He was very knowledgeable and patiently answered all my questions. He gave me all the time I needed and did not rush me. It was obvious he was brilliant, caring and very nice. I felt comfortable and con...

    ~ Anonymous

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