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Zach E's Story

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    Dr. Lombardi is an outstanding physician.

    On my first visit I was joined by my wife so that we would both have a full understanding of my condition and what my options were. We both felt that Dr. Lombardi inspires confidence with his clear explanations, friendly, direct and open manner, as well as his responsiveness to all our questions. He explained all the technical aspects of the surgery, as well as the pros and cons. While he recommended the surgery in my case, he put no pressure on me whatsoever and indicated that I should think about it, and even if I decided to go ahead, I could change my mind at any time. I did go ahead, and the surgery was successful. The pain was reduced dramatically, and things are improving even more with my follow-up physical therapy. I should point out that the associate doctors, as well as the nurses and aides were also wonderful. There appeared to be an excellent patient-to-staff ratio, and I had wonderful care over the course of my hospital stay. Thank you very much.
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